Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 BMG-TECH 3-Day Automatic PAM 692 Watch

2017 is clearly a new material for Cheap Panerai Replica Watches. 2017 SIHH, Panerai announced that LAB-ID designed the 1950 Carbotech for a three-day period, claiming to have a 50-year guarantee of any type of lubrication required for sports. This is also the Panerai design 1950 diving BMG-Tech 3 days automatic (PAM692), this program features a brand new material called BMG-Tech. First impressions, at least by looking at the news photos, it is difficult to tell which are the new watches and BMG-TECH. It looks like an ordinary stainless steel design submersible 1950 saw a blue dial and gorgeous language on the dial “BMG-TECH”. It is not even the first Panerai Diving 1950 to see the blue dial design, the Panerai Design Diving 1950 Regatta (PAM371) has a blue dial from a diving watch earlier in 2011. What’s the big deal?

BMG-TECH stands for most of the metallic glass, which is a disordered material atomic structure with a special glass-like zirconium alloy, copper, aluminum, titanium, nickel. The alloy is subjected to a high temperature and high pressure jet process and then the flash-cooled atoms are so fast that there is not enough time to rearrange them in an ordered, conventional structure.

It is this disordered structure that gives BMG-TECH its attributes. It is lighter than steel and is extremely resistant to corrosion, external shock and magnetic fields. Fake Panerai Watches says it is so powerful that it will retain its appearance. But more importantly, this means that BMG-TECH is a great material used in diving watches, where strength and resistance, especially corrosion, are imperative.

Now that you know what BMG-TECH is, let’s start talking about other watches. The entire case – all 47 mm including a one-way rotating frame, as well as the crown and equipment protection crown – are all made by BMG-TECH. However, the situation is titanium. This design is the same old Best Panerai Replica Watches design 1950 diving watch, that is, it is large and strong. Sapphire crystals, observe the water resistance of 300 meters, what else do you expect from a good-natured diving watch?

Panerai’s Design 1950 Dive BMG-TECH 3-Day Automatic PAM 692 Dialer & Application is a rich blue glow marker. At 3 o’clock there is a date window running seconds sub-dial 9 o’clock with a matching blue second hand. After a thorough consideration, this is a very handsome Panerai Replica Watches and fans designed for the 1950 diving watch should be easy to find it loves this one.

The design did not change too much, see the internal organs. In the P.9000 caliber, the new Panerai Replica designed the 1950 dive BMG-TECH 3-day automatic PAM692 to observe the new P.9010 caliber. The new P.9010 calibre P.9000 retains all the features, but it’s thinner, fully functional balanced bridge rather than balanced cock for greater stability and reliability. The power reserve is 72 hours, or three days.

New Panerai Design 1950 Dive BMG-TECH 3-Day Automatic PAM692 is one of the watches, we can’t wait to see and feel our physical body SIHH 2017. The new BMG-TECH material sounds exciting and proves Panerai’s unremitting research into bizarre and amazing new materials. Price 1950 design submersible BMG-TECH 3 days automatic watch 10200 US dollars.

Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio And Oro Rosso 42 mm Watch Hands

Many years ago, when I wrote the first article about watches, I wrote Panerai. In the past ten years, Cheap Panerai Replica Watches has been iterating, but with my appreciation, I can recognize the aesthetics of Italian divers at a glance and always serve as their business card. Even though I did, and still do what I love, I think they are almost always proven to be too big for my wrist. Last week, I scanned a large collection, the larger new Panerai watch SIHH, I am very happy to see this relatively small miracle, the new 42mm Panerai design 1950 dive 3 days automatic watch in steel and gold .

Refer to PAM00682, aka Panerai Design 1950 Dive 3 Days Auto Acciaio 42mm, requires all the burly attractive 47mm submersibles (such as the Bronzo PAM 671 we have also seen SIHH recently) and can be cut up to 5mm . For me, I think that for many people who may “inaugurate” Panerai fans, 5mm makes a different world. This is not the first 42mm Panerai Replica Watches, but it is the first 42mm submersible that opens up a wider audience (possibly). Diving is not Panerai’s bread and butter, but a more niche dive watch, making the choice to go to 42mm more interesting. Maybe this is a test? A measure of the actual response of a smaller sport Panerai?

In steel (above PAM00682) or rose gold (PAM00684), the steel plate has a steel frame and the Oro Rosso characteristic black ceramic insert. The usual Best Panerai Replica Watches design crown guards, the water resistance is steel and 300 meters of 100 rose gold, and the model is also equipped with a 22mm black rubber rubber strap.

In the case of entering the house, we found the Panerai P.9010 movement. This automatic 4 Hz sports sports double barrel provides a 72 hour energy reserve. As a base for the submersible, the P.9010 only needs to provide hours, minutes, and nine times, and the date shows three. The case returns a different view, allowing a view of the production movement.

7-inch wrist, 42mm Panerai design 1950 dive for 3 days automatically feels great. Very interesting, special, and a completely correct translation to form a smaller footprint. The rubber belt is very good and easy to read, obviously, very good. I especially like the blue mini pop offers the sub-second hand placed on the steel Fake Panerai Watches design automatic PAM682 diving 1950 3 days. If gold is more of your thing, it’s hard to beat the gold case contrast with the black dial combination and the ceramic border. The lug is drilled with a screw, so leather or NATO should be no problem.

Niche such as Panerai Replica designed diving, I am not sure that these 42 mm models are more niche (because they may disrupt the already satisfied submersibles) or fewer niches (because their submersibles are connected to a new, more a wide audience). In considering the arguments of both sides, I came to the conclusion that I don’t care. I only know that I really like this little submarine.

Steel prices range from $8,700 to $26,700 in rose gold, and these prices are unexpectedly unfamiliar with modern Panerai. Panerai has priced a submersible with a steel Rolex submarine, so it’s not hard to see why. Both the quality of the 300 300 dive watch movements in a daily size should be on most wrists. I think in the end this will come to you to enjoy Panerai. If you are in the style of the boat but always feel that there is no wrist submersible, this is one.