AAA Panerai Submersible Carbotech 42mm PAM 960 & 47mm PAM 1616 Watches

He was the founding year of the Submersible series, the year of manufacture of Carbotech materials by the Italian watchmaker Panerai replica watches. These two watches set the tone for the brand’s 2019 edition. The watch uses cheap Panerai replica’s trademark Carbotech material and uses a new “modern” color scheme to take advantage of the contrast that provides unique materials.

Submersible Carbotech Replica Watches

For Carbotech material, Panerai replica compresses real carbon fiber sheets and then fuses them with high temperature and a polymer called PEEK. According to the brand, this can chemically bond the composite material and form a tougher material that is more corrosion resistant and lighter than titanium, not to mention a cool appearance with a unique industrial black and textured matte appearance.

Submersible Carbotech 42mm PAM 960

The blue indicator is very suitable for high quaitly replica watches, a welcome step. Although this is nothing new to the Carbotech series-LAB-ID Luminor 1950 Carbotech has the same color scheme-Submersible’s index and the blistering nature of the earpiece do attract the diving influence it seeks. According to Panerai replica watch’s China press pictures here, Super-Luminova is blue on most watches, except for the minute hand and front bezel hands that glow green at the same time, they still glow green.

Replica Submersible Carbotech 47mm PAM 1616

This luxury replica watch is a simple addition to a part of Panerai watches using unique Carbotech materials. Ariel mentioned in the article above that this material was originally used for car brakes, anyway, for me, this is a very interesting material that can be modified and used in the case. This is Richard Mille’s style, and the brand has expanded into the field of non-standard materials and offers many choices in it. Overall, Panerai replica diving Carbotech PAM00960 and PAM01616 are just solid additions to the Coolpad series.