Breitling Avenger Replica With Manufacture Movement

Breitling Replica chronograph is a synonym, and on May 28, 2009, Breitling Replica Watches will be officially with their new internal automatic winding movement launched the chronomat B01, known as the aperture B01. At first, Cheap Breitling Avenger Replica will be available in the United States only about 35 retailers, with other retailers on the fast line. As of the end of 3, has produced about 2000. Production will eventually reach about 50000 per year.

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The caliber of B01 has been developed for 5 years, its launch coincides with the 125th anniversary of Cheap Breitling. A new four story, in addition to the facilities in the construction of Breitling Replica – La de fonds housing bore. Motion using a column wheel mechanism and a vertical clutch switch, a good time for the two signs. When the second vertical clutch to ensure the timing does not jump, timing of engagement. B01 central time continuous seconds, 9 seconds, 30 minutes and 3 meter jump. Instant change date is located in 4:30. The date can be changed at any time, including the near midnight. The campaign includes a patented system for adjusting the starting, stopping and resetting of the hammer. The 47 jewel movement using a flat hairspring balance wheel and smooth. A barrel with 70 hours of standby power supply. Ticks were B01 at 28800 VPH, and all Chronomat, B01 and breitlings were COSC certified.
In Basel, vice president Jean Paul Girardin said, Breitling Replica Watches decided production caliber B01 satisfy the demand of the movement of the market, and ensure the Breitling Replica UK future. The company believes that it must have a reliable mechanical chronograph movement power, because this type of watches accounted for Breitling Replica Watches UK sales of 55%.
Chronomat B01 measures and forty five millimeters in diameter will provide four versions: all steel, four gold quarter hour markers steel plate steel, with a gold frame, steel, and solid 18K red gold (4N). A total of 18 different dial can be one way to smooth the baffle of the 240 gear. Sapphire crystal is a reflection coating on both sides. The steel and double tone models of the waterproof are 500 meters, while all the gold models can take down to 100 m.rolex.png
Chronomat fresh start at around $6500 a pair of belt steel models. Double tone version of the open price of $7770. All the gold model, a belt, will start at $21610. B01 top $44125 in gold and Red Gold Bracelet Diamond edition.