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We are all familiar with the case – the most popular material of steel, titanium, rose gold, etc.. But for rolesium, the city like to purchase, and the? While many Replica Watches brands take great pride in making their own case, sports and scale, only a handful of them have had an extra effort, they have invented their own material, mainly used in cases, and sometimes even in watches parts. Many of these products are in the development of new alloys, in order to strive to make more powerful, lighter, and / or more resistant to scratch resistant material. Below we look at the nine brands that have been invented by their own alloys by combining different metals.
A metal material developed by Rolex Replica Watches called rolesium, combined with 904L stainless steel alloy and 950 platinum. Rolesium used to see the owner of the 40 mm diameter of the oyster shell of the Rolex Replica Watches yacht.
Rolex is also developed cerachrom, it has application in the Rolex submariner Replica Watches baffle and the fiftieth anniversary of the Rolex Replica Watches cosmograph Daytona, which is launched in 2013 Basel. Cerachrom is an extra hard, corrosion resistant ceramic; cerachrom border is engraved with digital and scale coated with a thin layer of platinum via PVD (physical vapor deposition) process.
The 50th anniversary celebration Rolex Replica Watches cosmograph Daytona movement also has a blue parachrom hairspring, another Rolex exclusive material is very resistant to magnetic fields. By the parachrom hairspring, Nb, Zr alloy, oxygen, said is to maintain stability, through changes in temperature, and are less likely to be affected by the impact of, the rest of the, according to the Rolex, 10 times the precise impact than traditional hairspring.
OMEGA Replica Watches spent several years in the development of hybrid ceramic and 18K gold, known as the city to buy. Used to make the city like to buy can be grown in ceramic 18K gold combination technology, as well as to create, touch the smooth gold number of ceramic panels, such as OMEGA Replica Watches Star Ocean City hi to buy.
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