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This week we will explore the Panerai two trademark watches: Panerai Radiomir. With the original prototype developed in 1936, then in 1940 to the Royal Thai Navy, the retro Radiomirs is an incredibly rush, inspired several generations of water watches. Sometimes it is considered the predecessor of modern diving Cheap Panerai Replica, and the retro changes of the series are innovative in addition to their traditional Swiss watchmaking. Until the 90s of the 20th century, due to the Italian Navy contract and the previous brand direction, the global market can not be used, Radiomir quickly in the modern clocks and watches to get the status.

In the present, there are two kinds of changes, each of which develops into an independent series: Radiomir 1940 and Radiomir. The first Panerai Replica Watches we will see is the 1940 series, the Radiomir 1940 Acciaio in the 42mm case. This watch uses polished steel, buffer shell, it seems to have begun to respect its old-fashioned predecessors. The dial is black, black, golden glowing time and hands. Hour mark at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 6 o’clock position using large numbers, at 9 o’clock use small seconds. The whole thing is provided by Panerai Replica Watches UK internal manual winding movement Caliber P.999 / 1, visible through a transparent sapphire bottom cover.
I only care about the price: the watch is technically not more prominent than other brands in its scope, and there are many other “historical reconstruction” watches can be sold at a cheaper price.

Now, let’s take a look at the Best Panerai Replica Watches Swiss Movement collection, Radiomir California 3 Days Acciaio. This watch is similar to the previous one, showing some serious history in its design. In black dial with black gold finger and hour mark, this style also includes a similar color silhouette. Panerai chose an alternative business mark above 6 o’clock, instead of the 12-minute standard “Radiomir / Panerai” printing, with Arabic numerals and Roman numerals alternately, with tick marks and individual triangles, Identify time. This work is made of steel, with an incredible unique wire earrings and retro style crown; the movement is Cheap Panerai Replica hand in hand, again through the sapphire bottom cover visible.

In general, from my old-fashioned point of view, the Panerai Radiomir series is very neat. The Radiomir 1940 and Radiomir series all respect the unique start of the watch, while still adding to the collection of modern times. In my opinion, the sapphire bottom cover is always an interesting touch in the historic modern watch, and contemporary finishing practice helps to bring extra talent to these works to achieve the luxury of the realm.

Personally, I might never be wearing Panerai Replica Watches– little wrist and 47mm couple is not the best couple, but I understand why people like Panerai’s watch. The greatness of the brand is that it still has room for growth; its watches are only available to the public for about 20 years, so they can still pursue their retro appearance at least another 10. I think I will write how much I can not Standing on the inevitable change, but let us wait and see.

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Vintage Eye for the Modern Guy,Panerai Luminor Replica Watches

More than a month ago, we were the first flagship series of Panerai: Radiomir. This week, we came to the second, which is a series, although the young age is not comparable to the legacy: Panerai Luminor Replica Watches. Published in 1950, represents a radiant transition from Radadi’s radium base cream to the tritium-based Luminor material – this new watch seems to have flowed into another series at the time. However, with the end of the Second World War, Panerai over the years focused, until Luminor in 1993 after the re-release, the series began in the senior watch world to obtain significant development. Today, the Cheap Panerai Replica series is divided into two sub-series, Luminor and Luminor 1950, is considered a landmark watch for modern aquatic diving watches to bring the direction.

We will see the first one is the Panerai sea lights 1950 3 days Acciaio. This movement is located in the familiar Luminor piano box, with a protective bridge, 47 mm in diameter; can be seen through a clear sapphire bottom cover. The watch is used in the Panorama hand wounds, internal P.3000 action, power storage for three days; To the movement. The dial is black, black and gold, marked with engraved Arabic numerals and tick marks, and printed with Panerai Replica Watches near 12 o’clock.

It is quite obvious that this watch is very similar to the original watch in 1950. From almost exactly the same case shape to the Panerai only protector, brown calfskin strap and dial-up accent, this watch seeks to capture the legacy of the series. Based on my previous comments on Radiomir, I think this reference brings several changes to the final improvement of the series. 12 o’clock more modern business printing is more meaningful than a retro military issue logo, a clear reply allows the wearer to appreciate a movement Panerai Replica for the production and feel proud of the modern finishing practice to give the watch more credentials luxury Of the watch area.

My single criticism, because my little wrist can not wear this watch, there is a price. Although the watch is very interesting, there is a “cool factor”, but at this level of price, there are some more historic retro style works. Although I think Panerai has established a luxury brand, there is now a label to adapt to this impression, but I believe there are a lot of potential consumers want to be more convenient to enter these tribute to the occasion.
The next reference we will study is the more modern variant of the Luminor Marina Acciaio, Luminor series. This watch uses a 44mm polished steel case, plus a crown protection bridge; use hand wounds, ETA-based Panerai Replica Watches UK movement, visible through the sapphire bottom cover; now the 9 o’clock mark on the stopwatch , Rather than the previous watch hours and manual exclusive sports. The dial is black, with green glowing accents, marked with Arabic numerals and hourly scales, and has a familiar Panerai style hand.

When most people think that Panerai, they will think of this watch. Because of this, this work has been very able to grasp their own progress into the future of watches and clocks. Taking this into account, it still does not completely ignore the history of the Luminor series. This situation, although more sleek and polished, is very similar to the old model; hour markers, not included in the 9 o’clock seconds of the offspring, are the same style; hands, while black instead of deep gold, keep And features the Cheap Panerai Replica tradition. I would have liked to see the brand use one of its internal actions instead of continuing to use ETA-based action, but this criticism did not eliminate the overall aesthetic appeal of the watch.

I do not think the Panerai watch is suitable for everyone, but that does not mean that everyone can not appreciate the visual respect and historical relevance of the brand’s modern works. Yes, the brand’s Panerai Replica Watches China is large and recognizable, and the complexity of the machine is often unbelievable, but when the history of the brand is certainly not necessary, these designs will continue to be inspired, and this is only The envy of the feat. Like what I thought about Radiomir, the modern Luminor series we knew today had a relatively young lineage, so in the next few years, if the Panerai Replica Watches For Sale was able to maintain a very unique tradition of dripping, we would see.

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