Panalle Luniou Lommert, 1950, Moon Phase Equation

Commercially speaking, the largest new version of Panerai happens to come in the form of contradictory brand brand minimal watches, a simple automatic design, measures 38 mm, and an updated entry-level design basic sign that now offers three days of internal movement and actual The price is 4750 US dollars.

However, if you know Cheap Panerai Replica Wathches, you know that the brand will always show one or two speech clips on SIHH. The watch we are going to contact today is one of the most complex and customizable Panareis systems ever made, of course. We have here a 50mm tourbillon, which shows the equation of time, the second time zone, and, for the first time ever, in Panerai Replica, the phase of the moon. Its name is a full name: Panerai L’Astronomy Luminor 1950 Tourbillon lunar phase difference equation. From here on, we call it the “made-to-order watch” (whose time indicator corresponds to where its owner wants it) – either the L’astronomer or the PAM 920.

This is actually not the first time Panerai Replica Watches has combined this tourbillon with the time display equation. It was in 2010, similar to the 1950 Time Titanio, PAM 365, which also appeared in the 50mm case. This watch was produced at the 400th anniversary of Galileo’s astronomical observations, which was the result of the invention of the telescope. The real decisive factor for this year’s astronomy is that movement has now become a skeleton, and an interesting lunar phase display has been incorporated into the back of the movement. Earlier versions had a closed dial with a sky map on the back.

The “Starry” movement around the hand provides a series of functions, while it also maintains an estimated 4 days energy reserve with 3 spring buckets. This is GLS-P.2005 in 2005, which marks its status as a tourbillon. It is the internal basis for the development of Best Panerai Replica Watches 13 years ago, and “GLS” is the abbreviation of Galileo Luna Scheletrato. As you can see, this is a very modern interpretation of the skeletonization movement. It is visually convenient because it allows opening a lot, I mean a lot, and it is displayed in front of and behind this watch. The campaign consists of only 451 components. In one of the most unusual Tourbillon carriages, the escape of leverage was suspended, but a reader familiar with Fake Panerai Watches complex products already knows. Tourbillon rotates toward the dial in a vertical direction (not parallel) and rotates at twice the speed of every minute.

The watch’s dial – actually the watch’s dial – actually moves back and forth. You can see the full power provided by the 1950 Luminor Tourbillon Moon phase equation. From the front, the construction of the dial/backplane follows the lattice framework we saw in other highly complex calibers, based on P.2005 in 2005, most notably Scienziato.

Starting from the central axis, we see the time and minutes, and the GMT’s pointer. Below the axis is a linear scale that shows the difference between the solar time (time measured with the corona) and the average solar time (how we display time on the watch and the clock), according to the equation of time. Along the flange, at the lower right of the dial, an arrow points to the time set by the sun at the home position of the watch owner’s preset. On the left, a similar proportion tells the sunrise time at home. The 3 o’clock allocated telephone numbers are D (December), S (September), J (June) and a date window, which may be M in March. This calendar function is related to the equation of time. But let’s go back to that date window. This seemingly simple and complex problem actually has its own patented invention. The date of polarized crystals consists of transparent borosilicate glass so that all parts of it are effectively visible to the naked eye except at a specific date under the polarizing glass date window. This allows for an unlimited view of bone movement and its function.

At the same time, on the traditional lunar phase display, a torsion device was installed on the back of the dial. The upper disc is a day/night indicator that rotates every 24 hours to clearly show that the sun is shining during the day and the sky at night. But in the starry sky, there is a circular cut that opens another spinning disc, this one tuned to the moon’s movement. This display shows the profit and loss of the celestial body. When he points the watch, it is set as the owner’s family time. Behind the dial is also a power reserve indicator with the numbers 0, 2 and 4 printed on it, representing the “astronomer” 4 days of energy reserve.

This is a huge watch. This is an unavoidable fact; it has many displays on its front and back. It is more like a portable instrument than a traditional wristband. I never had a watch with a diameter of 50mm. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine that someone would often wear such a large watch. Shell materials can be customized when ordering this watch, so from a purely ergonomic point of view, a lightweight titanium version seems to make the most sense. But for those who want it, the choice of steel and precious metals is feasible. Hand color and strap selection also need to be customized.

As I said at the beginning, this is an article for discussion. It focuses on the dead Paneristi. This is a type of collector. He already owns several watches of this brand and he wants One comes with some customized watches, not everyone else. Luminor’s basic logo and Luminor’s 38mm may transform Panerai’s new customers into new customers in the coming years – this watch is for fans.

In this article, the price of the L’Astronomical telescope was 230,000 U.S. dollars, and it increased with the choice of various precious metal options. This watch takes about a year to send. Once the order is placed, the customer will be assigned a specific watchmaker who is the only one who works on this watch.

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