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Several watchmakers exhibited at this year’s SIHH offer a refreshing array of commercial products and currency values ​​– an essential element that the industry has lacked in recent years. There may not be more places to see these olive branches than Cheap Panerai Replica Watches. The watch we are going to talk about today, the updated Luminor logo, is one of the two major commercial versions of Swiss watch makers and Italian roots. (The other is the 38 mm Luminor Due, the smallest Panerai.) The basic sign of Luminor is also the swan song of Panerai’s outgoing CEO Angelo Bonati. He took advantage of the powerful design of Italian military suppliers and established the last century 90 One of the major watchmaking companies of the end of the decade and early this century. I think that Bonati ended his term in Panerai. His watch is a symbol of his early years and the company.

I bet that in these photos, the 44mm Luminor example is familiar to most people reading HODINKEE, even though our readers tend to prefer smaller watches. The 44 mm Luminor design, even on the larger wrist, is a truly classic watch design. Although Panerai’s design does have a polarization tendency – you either love them or hate them – this is the reason why the company establishes a modern brand. This box is a large, thick mat with a round frame. The box on the right hand side is a trademark of the Crown Guard that can open and close the position between the moving crowns. This, like the oversized box and the glowing sandwiches, defines Panerai Replica Watches in the public’s imagination.

By introducing a new internal calibre P.6000, the company from Newcastle Manufacturing, Panerai gave its entry-level 44 mm sports watch, logo design base, production campaign, and ended the use of ETA Unitas-based caliber. Once in a wide collection. The p6000, which provides 3 days of wind-driven autonomy, is the last puzzle piece of a strategy. Fake Panerai Watches has followed an almost completely vertically integrated movement. (The few exceptions to this new rule will include the movement within the organization, but outside Panerai, including some of the great Minerva movements, these movements are still used for historical reasons.)

The previous version of the Panerai base mark relied on the OP 1 caliber, which is actually a hand wound for ETA 6497-1. Its speed is 21,600 vph, while the standard 18,000 vph is 6497. The new P.6000 is a manual wound exercise with a 3-day energy reserve. This means that even without automatic winding, the new watch will be more practical in daily wear. There is also a hacker seconds feature, which means that the wearer can set the watch in seconds, and the purchaser of the watch, including your watch, can just test it on the phone. Although this watch does not have a few seconds of display time, it looks like a model that will be forecasted.

It is worth noting that although this is a new internal campaign, the back of the Luminor Base Logo has been closed for 3 days. As you can see in the photo below, the dodecagon caseback was printed with the Officine Panerai Firenze 1860, Best Panerai Replica Watches logo and the waterproof 100-meter indicator of this watch.

Luminor’s basic logo has two dial styles: a black, luminous hand, number, and indexed version; and a white version, with glowing hands, unlit Arabic numerals, and glowing hour markers on the dial The periphery. As you can see, these are two very different watches, even though their situation, and their new internal movements, are exactly the same. As a base model of the Panerai series, this watch does not have a sandwich dial; glowing figures are painted on the dial. One of my colleagues once said that it is very good to upgrade Luminor’s basic logo by adding a sandwich dial to this entry-level watch. I have to say I agree with him. If I buy a Panerai, I want an element with all design elements to make it a convincing timer and design object.

One of the major trends we saw at SIHH was an exhibition focusing on high-level haute horlogeries. This is no secret. It is a return of affordable commercial products and values. So it’s nice to see that even with this 3-day in-house campaign, Luminor’s basic logo will still give you support for $4,750 per dial execution – I think it may be all new watches debut at SIHH Best value advice.

When I returned to New York from SIHH, the CEO of another watch manufacturer, at the Basel World Expo, asked what I saw in Geneva and left a deep impression on me. When I told him that Panerai now had a $5,000 entry-level watch with an internal movement, he looked really surprised and even shocked. We will see the situation in Basel in a few weeks, but I hope to see more of this quality product combined with the available pricing. All this shows that 2018 may indeed be a year when real values ​​return to fine watchmaking.

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