When Rolex Replica Watches Went Quartz

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In the 70’s, Rolex Replica how to deal with the arrival of the quartz glass? Below are excerpts from the book “to the watch,” http://rolex-replicas.co.uk writer Lucien. This book, and Replica Watches collectors G u G u nther lamb and Peter wenzig photo illustrations, tells the story of the development of quartz watch technology.
Andre heiniger, President of Rolex Replica Watches founder Hans Hans-WILSDORF and second successors, is a true visionary. His opinion is that the original very expensive quartz watch will soon be completely mediocre. This has taken place in transistor radios, televisions, and pocket calculators.
High quality mechanical movement will always remain expensive and proprietary, due to a large number of highly qualified workforce, which is required for parts and assembly of them. A mechanical device that can only be told about can easily be writing “timepiece inevitable fact, the official certification” (i.e., the dial COSC certificate). This means that the speed of the day plus six / minus four seconds. When appropriate, heinig in copy “high-grade” Department of each watch brand concept. Rich people don’t need a tool to tell time: they want a beautiful and exclusive object in their wrists.
Rolex has totally ignored microelectronic until the 70s of last century, as shareholders of CEH [center] e lectronique horlogerobtain 320 beta 21 caliber of 6000, the actual production. In addition, Rolex bought 650 pieces of Beta 22 version by OMEGA; they are known as Rolex caliber 5100. In addition, Rolex Replica is a consortium funded than neosonic Afif adventure with known part, sad ending. Rolex Replica Watch Geneva is not involved.
In contrast, the famous oyster quartz look at the models equipped with a quartz diameter of 5035 and 5055. They sell well: they have a low cost, at least 10 times more than the mechanical oysters more accurate. However, the situation is different: Heini J will not tolerate a quartz watch looks similar to the classic mechanics of Rolex Replica Watches. Production is only 4000 a year – not much marketing efforts to promote oyster quartz – in addition to very original ads show the Edmund Hilary and Reinhold climb Mount Everest. Hilary has been in his ascension machinery for Rolex; a oyster quartz Meissne. In the text just said: “in the 1953 they need Rolex Replica Watches and oxygen to climb Mount everest. 1978 they have no oxygen. Retailers are not eager to sell the oysterquartz, due to the cost is significantly lower than the mechanical of the oysters, so it means less profit. Potential customers have to beg for a oyster quartz story.
Ladies Watch Rolex Replica Watches quartz diameter (caliber 6035) scanning second hand and a date disc had exactly the same size as Ms. reference (19.79 mm 5 mm). Frequency tuning and fine-tuning of micro quartz tuning fork quartz resonator at 32 kHz. CMOS circuit is purchased from the faselec, the lavet motor. Energy is a 7.90-mm silver oxide battery. Thirty prototypes of the 6035 are built, but no mass production. However, Cellini quartz models equipped with 6620 caliber (no second): This is directly from the 6035 caliber caliber. In July 1983, 20 of the diameter of the 6620 prototype can be used for testing, took a long time; serial production began late 1987. Set a diameter of 8 lignes (19.80 mm); height 2.5 mm. The above part is the standard Rolex Replica Watches problem, as described above. 1990, the diameter of 6621 to start production; this time to the fine-tuning is replaced by the suppression circuit. This caliber production continues until today, so far, the total output is far more than 100000 blocks.